How Do You Become a Chiropractor?  

Chiropractors are professionals who attended graduate-level health colleges. They are trained in treating certain disorders of the nerves, bones, ligaments, and muscles. Aside from alleviating back and neck pain, which they’re known for, these professionals can also handle other health issues that are related to the bones and soft tissues. But while they graduate with a chiropractic degree and may be referred to as doctors, they are not really medical doctors. 


So if you hear someone saying that a chiropractor did not undergo any amount of training, they’re gravely mistaken. As a matter of fact, these professionals have to complete almost eight years of higher education before they get their license. That’s four years of undergraduate education and another four years of specialization.  

A Closer Look at a Chiropractor’s Education  

Chiropractors usually graduate with a pre-med degree. That means they have finished a substantial number of courses in different areas of sciences, such as chemistry, biology, physics, and psychology. Only after completing all of those that they get to attend the chiropractic graduate program. That graduate program may involve up to four years of education and a total course credits of 4,200 instructional hours. The program specifics of chiropractors are as follows: 

  1. First year

During their first year after finishing pre-med, chiropractors have to go through courses related to general anatomy and spinal anatomy. They also have to study biochemistry as well as some of the basic chiropractic principles. 

  1. Second year

For their second year, the courses get more complicated. Now, they get to learn about clinical orthopedics and pathology. They also get a more in-depth understanding of the chiropractic procedures and obtain units in research methods and imaging interpretation. 

  1. Third year

For their third year, the classroom courses that they have to take include integrated chiropractic, dermatology, and pediatrics. They also start their clinical internship at this point, as they get to learn more about ethics and jurisprudence as well as practice management. 

  1. Fourth year

Their fourth year of study is the actual clinical internship. At this point, the student starts to work closely with a chiropractor and together, they complete rotations in a hospital or veteran’s clinic. If they want to get additional education and training units, they usually obtain all of them at this stage as well.  

Training, Certification, and Licensing  

Once the chiropractor has completed all the educational and training requirements of the course, he or she is eligible to sit for the state licensing board. That’s how these professionals obtain their licensure and certification. Once they are granted such, they fully become doctors of chiropractic medicine. 

If they want to be certified in other areas or hold certain specialties, they simply need additional training. Some of their choices include sports medicine, nutrition, rehabilitation, and acupuncture. As you may have already noticed, a chiropractor almost has the same training and education as medical doctors. So the next time you need to see a chiropractor North York, don’t think twice about their qualifications and expertise. These professionals can definitely help you with your muscle and bone issues.